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A closely-knit team with diverse
strengths but the same passion
for technology and success!

At CINOVIC, we bring together passionate technology enthusiasts who breathe innovation to deliver a difference to our clients. When not working, our team is involved in lots of activities, both professional and leisurely, ensuring they are constantly growing in a positive environment. We firmly believe that it is imperative for us to create a company that not only leads to professional but also personal development as well as job satisfaction!


At CINOVIC, we strive to create a work culture that breeds positivity, nurtures innovation, and accelerates personal and professional development.

Work-life Balance

Ensuring that our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance to ensure the highest productivity and satisfaction is a core commitment for us at CINOVIC!



Collaboration is a culture at CINOVIC, as we believe that when multi-disciplinary experts work together, the results are extraordinary!


Training Programs

We frequently conduct rigorous training sessions and expert interactions to enable the professional growth of our employees!


Awards and Recognitions

It is important for employees to feel valued and celebrated! For this reason, we ensure their hard work is recognized, appreciated, and encouraged with special awards!


5days a week

An essential component of our commitment to work-life balance is ensuring that our employees do not work more than five days every week!


Flexible timings

We let our team members control their timings and are always confident that they can deliver not just on the deadline but much before it!



We regularly bring our team together for exciting celebrations and festivities, which helps boost employee morale and team bonding!

30 Minute Meeting with
our Expert