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Unlock 5X Growth with Expert eCommerce Mobile App Development

Mobile eCommerce is up for constant growth. It makes up to 60% of all e-commerce sales globally, reaching a staggering $2.2 trillion in 2023. For businesses seeking that one powerful strategy to lead the eCommerce industry, we have a piece of good news for you. Mobile eCommerce development is the ultimate growth plan.

Cinovic, being a top eCommerce mobile app development company, can help you strategize and build growth-oriented solutions. With a team of seasoned eCommerce programmers, we build custom eCommerce mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. Up for the $2.2 trillion business opportunity?

Our Services

Delivering High-Quality eCommerce Mobile App Development Services

Our eCommerce mobile app development services focus on the rapid growth of the businesses we serve. And success in the eCommerce world needs dedication and innovation. Our team leverages innovation in eCommerce solutions with dedication to constant growth.

eCommerce Mobile App Development

Leveraging the latest eCommerce technologies to build native and cross-platform mobile apps is what we specialize in at Cinovic. Our customer-centric mobile apps focus on end-user satisfaction with innovation.

eCommerce UI/UX

When 91% opt for smartphones for online purchases, we focus on designing mobile apps with captivating UI/UX. Our mobile apps turn the "happy shopping mode on" for users, leading to delightful experiences.

eCommerce Integration

Your eCommerce store needs many third-party integrations to deliver an elevated shopping experience to end users. We support seamless chatbots, CMS, analytics, and other tools integrations.

eCommerce Website to Mobile App

Switching to a highly profitable mobile app is a wise strategy for rapid eCommerce growth. We help convert your websites in any platform (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce) to a revenue-driven mobile app.

Support and Maintenance

An ever-evolving eCommerce market requires you to update constantly to match changing customer demands. Our expert eCommerce team offers ongoing support for maintenance, resolving errors, and upgrades.

E-commerce Technology Consulting

Advanced technologies, AI algorithms, customer insights, and so on. Our expert eCommerce consultant will help you manage the long list with well-planned, proven strategies for assured growth.


Benefits of eCommerce Mobile App Development for your Business

eCommerce app usage and sessions have increased by 92% from 2017-2021. Businesses can target a wider audience as people prefer to shop more using eCommerce mobile applications.

Mobile apps perform 1.5 times faster than websites, delivering an enhanced user experience. Customers like quick and on-demand services and are likely to abandon a site that takes longer to load

Since mobile apps offer a more friendly and personalized user experience, people prefer shopping through mobile apps. So, with an eCommerce mobile app, the chances of user conversions increase 2X times.

Shopping on websites requires people to leave other tasks and sit in front of a desktop. People can access mobile apps anytime and shop during a lunch break, munching food. Instant access leads to higher conversions.

An eCommerce mobile app provides access to valuable customer insights from geographic location to shopping habits and interests. A deep dive into the user data helps improve services tailored to user demands.

Whether used or not, a mobile app is on the user’s phone. Users will receive all the notifications from the brand about their products and services. It helps establish a strong and constant brand connection.

Why Choose

How Cinovic Stands As Your Trusted eCommerce App Development Company?

Brands, enterprises, Startups, and mid-scale businesses all trust Cinovic as their reliable e-commerce app development agency. A unique approach to addressing your business objectives with innovation differentiates us from the rest. Look at the various reasons you would love our partnership.

Customer-centric Solutions

Customer satisfaction is the priority of the eCommerce mobile apps we deliver. From secure payments to multi-language support, we deliver feature-rich eCommerce app development services that make shopping a breeze.

On-time Delivery

We strategize the development process and divide it into small milestones. It helps us avoid unwanted iterations and make timely deliveries for our custom eCommerce application development services.

Transparent Communication

At Cinovic, we hold client relationships as our most valuable asset. We maintain open communication with clients, ensuring they are well informed about every aspect of their project, from progress updates to cost.

Result-driven Approach

We design eCommerce solutions that focus on delivering desired returns on investments. From engaging UI/UX to strong backends and analytics, we ensure each element of the app brings you closer to your business goals.

Expertise that Excel

Our team of eCommerce experts bring their years of experience working on diverse eCommerce projects together. Their expertise helps us leverage the full potential of the advanced technologies in crafting captivating eCommerce mobile applications.

Quality Assurance

A small glitch or delay of just 2 seconds in page loading will lead you to lose customers. We ensure to test applications rigorously for security, compliance, speed, and every aspect for efficient performance and quality.

How We Create

Enhance Your Online Store with Our Bespoke Mobile App Development Services!

Leverage our expert development services to create an intuitive, engaging app that enhances user experience and drives sales.

Approach We Follow for

How We Create eCommerce Mobile Apps for Successful Brands?

A successful eCommerce mobile app aimed to serve over five billion internet users worldwide requires a proven development process. We use the time-tested eCommerce development process to build top-notch mobile apps.


The company first needs to identify the target market for its website. The client company can do so with help from our marketing consultants.


The client company needs to choose the domain in which the business operates and offers products. The domain decides the research and further Approach to web development.


The company first needs to identify the target market for its website. The client company can do so with help from our marketing consultants.


After the website theme creation, the team focuses on product listings so the products are highly visible. Our custom web development consultants help in developing the website further with product listings.

Payment and

The team takes steps to integrate shipping pages and payment gateways so that the website can be functional. The inclusion of payment and shipping is the fulcrum of eCommerce services.​


After the custom web application development, the website is tested thoroughly by our testing team. After testing and improvements, the final website product is delivered to our clients.

Awards & Recognition

Web Applications for Successful Brands?

Since the beginning of our journey, we have always been dedicated to innovation and making our customers the center of everything we do. We feel grateful and honored to be recognized for our efforts. Have a glimpse at our recent awards and acknowledgements.

Our Happy Clients

Success Stories: Voices of Our Satisfied Clients​

We believe in transparency and want to support your business throughout the journey efficiently. We already served more than 100+ businesses and are looking to associate with more!


Frequently Asked Questions

Several popular platforms are available for developing an eCommerce mobile app, such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. Each has unique features and benefits to help you build a top-notch eCommerce app. Shopify is user-friendly, while Magento offers robust features, and WooCommerce has an easy-to-use backend. At Cinovic, we walk the extra mile to create personalized mobile apps after deeply knowing the client’s objectives.

We offer custom eCommerce app development services at comparatively reasonable costs. Our seasoned eCommerce professionals provide complete support at every development stage. The cost of developing a mobile app depends on the scope of the application, features, integrations, and complexity. Our eCommerce consultants can guide you on your app idea. We can provide an exact cost quote once we know your detailed requirements.

Yes, surely. We provide ongoing support after launch for smoother operations of your applications. Our technical team will always be available to resolve unexpected issues or glitches. We also support regular technological updates.

The project manager keeps you updated on progress through daily and weekly reports. For any queries or feedback, you can contact us via Skype.

Yes, of course. We will take time to study your eCommerce website thoroughly. After an in-depth study, we fix the loopholes, if any, and create a migration strategy. We ensure a secure and efficient migration to the mobile app.

How We Create

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Rapid growth for your business awaits you at the other end of our custom web application development services. Take on the first step.