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B2C eCommerce Development

The eCommerce sector is booming at a consistent pace, and many budding entrepreneurs are making their way into the industry. If you are one among them, Cinovic is here to help get you started with the best B2C eCommerce store.

Our Services

Innovate Your Store : B2C eCommerce Development Services

Cinovic is an award-winning & trusted B2C eCommerce development company. We have been leveraging the industry for over 10 years. We have become the most trusted business of B2C eCommerce solutions that deliver a personalized user experience. If you want to build a B2C eCommerce platform, request an appointment with us!

eCommerce Store Development

We have the right tools and expertise to help you create the best eCommerce store with the right features and functionalities. Our job is to adhere to your brand goals and get you a store that adheres to your needs.

UX and UI Design

There is no question about how impactful an eCommerce store’s UI and UX design is for driving a strong impression. And, being the best B2C eCommerce development company, we use strategic methods to execute the best UI/UX for your store.

Customer Experience Optimization

A positive CX is quite important to ensure engagement and sales rate over your store, and Cinovic, being the best B2C eCommerce development agency, provides you with proven strategies to ensure top-notch CX through visual design, creative branding and others.

CRO Strategy Development

Just as important as it is to create an amazing store, concerns about converting traffic into customers should also get your attention. We provide you with the right conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies to ensure your business acquires high revenue.


Explore the Benefits With Our B2C eCommerce Software

A B2C eCommerce solution is the most comprehensive network of software that allows businesses to manage all the operations related to online product sales. When you connect with Cinovic, you can meet with the experts who offer centralized solutions. We empower your business with custom solutions to develop, design, and launch your store.

When you have your B2C eCommerce website ready, reaching out to your target audience will be easier than ever. You will be able to run your promotional marketing campaigns and targeted ads designed specifically for online shoppers.

B2C eCommerce software solution extends its efficacies to businesses for engaging effectively with their customers. And that is attained by offering target audience or select customers with a personalized shopping experience, catering to their unique preferences or individual needs.

B2C eCommerce websites can help your business drive more sales and generate higher revenue, as you will be presenting your brand offerings to a global audience.

Why Choose

Choose Cinovic As Your B2C eCommerce Development Agency

Cinovic is one of the best & affordable eCommerce development agencies. When you come to us, we eliminate all the barriers that could distance your customers from your business. We manage and assist your audience to make better decisions when they are browsing through the website. Our team ensures a smooth user journey so that you can get better customer retention.

Cost Savings

Hiring us for your B2C eCommerce software development will help you save a lot of money on hiring or training the in-house team. We will provide you with all-round B2C eCommerce development services, including maintenance needs.

Specialized Expertise

With Cinovic at the back of your eCommerce business idea, you can expect to access specialized expertise in different arenas that might not be available to you in-house.

Faster Time-to-Market

Upon outsourcing your custom B2C eCommerce development needs to us, you can expect your store to be ready before the specified deadline, as our development processes are faster without compromising on quality.

Focus on Core Competencies

As we are here handling the eCommerce development needs for you, use the saved time and effort for refining your core competencies and implementing other strategic initiatives.

How We Create

Enhance Customer Experience: Invest in Developing Your E-Shop with Us!

Experience a customer-focused eCommerce transformation by partnering with us for expert e-shop development. Elevate your online store to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business growth.

Approach We Follow for

Customized B2C eCommerce Website

Cinovic offers custom B2C eCommerce solutions to serve multiple industries. Our team focuses on developing delightful experiences & following consistency throughout the platforms. We listen to all your objectives and suggest tailor-made strategies to deliver you the ultimate results. We stay dedicated to our work, from discovering your goals to implementing the final steps.

Understanding Client Requirements

The process of developing your fashion eCommerce app begins with a clear understanding of the client's requirements. We define the purpose and goals for your project, followed by research and analysis to identify important features and the technical requirements for your app.


The design process in a fashion eCommerce app development project starts with the conceptualization of the app design and wireframes. Our development experts rely on an intuitive UI or UX design alongside paying attention to the element of accessibility.

Development Process

The development of your fashion eCommerce app or website would involve a definition of the development approach. We also select the ideal programming languages and development tools required for scripting the code of your fashion eCommerce app.

Quality Assurance

Our workflow for fashion eCommerce website development or app development is incomplete without quality assurance. We build test plans and implement different types of tests for checking the performance of your app in different settings and performance optimization.

Delivery and Support

The final stage of fashion app development involves deploying the application and submitting the application to the app store with marketing and promotion. We are committed to serving you beyond the app delivery phase by offering new app updates and timely support.

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Our Happy Clients

Success Stories: Voices of Our Satisfied Clients​

We believe in transparency and want to support your business throughout the journey efficiently. We already served more than 100+ businesses and are looking to associate with more!


Frequently Asked Questions​

If you are planning on running an online business and selling a product to a widened audience, you will need a website to be the face of your brand. You cannot sell products out of your social media platforms solely!

Cinovic has been in the industry for quite a while now and has attended to various client requests with varying complexities. We provide the best B2C eCommerce development agency services, and have the right set of tools and technologies to help you create your desirable brand impression among the customers.

A B2C eCommerce solution is accountable as a comprehensive network that allows companies to manage all of their business operations through a centralized platform. This helps entrepreneurs find it easy to scale their online business and make their products available for a widened audience beyond geographical boundaries.

Cinovic offers its B2C eCommerce development services for all types of businesses, including:

  • Direct sellers
  • Advertisement based retailers
  • Community-based retailers
  • Fee-based retailers
  • Online intermediaries

The overall time required for building an eCommerce website will depend on the features or functionalities that you want to integrate into your platform. A basic store will be ready in no time, whereas a customized one can take time around 3 to 9 months, depending on the complexity of your requirements. 

How We Create

Empower Your Brand with Our B2C eCommerce Development!

Do you want to take your brand to the next level? Cinovic understands the need for reliable B2C eCommerce websites & applications that you can use to engage with your audience. Collaborate with us for a seamless experience. Book your appointment now.