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eCommerce Omnichannel Consultants

Reach out to your customers everywhere on multiple platforms with omnichannel ecommerce solutions tailored to your business goals. Introduce the advantage of integrated shopping experiences across different sales channels to improve the reach of your business and gain more customers.

Our Services

Boost Sales with Ecommerce Omnichannel Consulting Services

We adopt a flexible and systematic approach for eCommerce omnichannel consulting services with in-depth expertise in the direct commerce value chain and consumer engagement. Our eCommerce omnichannel consulting services can help you address your business requirements at each stage of developing your eCommerce solutions.

Startup Ecommerce Consulting

Our consultants could offer suggestions for any topic on creating your ecommerce website. We can help you determine the objectives of your website and create strategies to achieve your business goals. In addition, our experts help you define the website structure and the backend functionality.

Ecommerce and Omnichannel Strategy

Our ecommerce omnichannel consultants offer years of experience in ecommerce and retail for developing strategies that could help in optimizing the selling channels. You can also find the ideal approaches for consumer engagement and meeting their expectations with seamless customer experiences.

Market Opportunity Analysis

We can help you find out whether your idea for an ecommerce business can work in the market. Our consultants also evaluate your business use case according to the existing market environment to help you find the maintenance and support required for moving forward with your project.


Customize Omnichannel eCommerce Solutions as per Your Needs

We can cater to your requirements for omnichannel eCommerce by customizing the solutions to your requirements. Our development capabilities can help you stand out from the crowd with high-performance solutions.


Omnichannel Ecommerce Store Development

Our omnichannel eCommerce solutions could help you create an ecommerce store from scratch with a rich, unified shopping experience for all customers.


Inventory Management

We offer a streamlined inventory system for maintaining multiple products without complications alongside leveraging continuous updates that reflect system changes.


Order Management

You can process orders and ensure faster delivery processes with backend management of customer orders while maintaining sync with the inventory.


Instore Experience

Our omnichannel eCommerce software could help in fulfilling online orders from the ecommerce store by allocating fulfillment responsibility to the nearest retail stores.


Customer-Centric Benefits For eCommerce Omnichannel

The omnichannel perspective in eCommerce helps ensure seamless customer experiences across different channels. You can achieve different customer-centric benefits through an eCommerce omnichannel for your store.

The most important benefit of omnichannel eCommerce is the assurance of better engagement of customers with your brand at different touchpoints. It can help customers interact with a business according to their preferences.

Customers can develop loyalty towards an eCommerce brand with the seamless experience of interacting with the store. Businesses can use an omnichannel strategy to offer personalized customer service and support.

The best part of omnichannel eCommerce solutions is the assurance of prioritization of customer needs. The holistic shopping experience for customers based on data-driven decisions could help customers find exactly what they need.

Why Choose

Why To Choose Cinovic As Your Magento Omnichannel Solutions

Cinovic is a professional destination for Magento omnichannel solutions that helps you capitalize on the benefits of omnichannel strategy in ecommerce.

Industry Leader

Cinovic is a trusted destination for omnichannel eCommerce solutions as it is an industry leader on different topics about the omnichannel strategy. Our consultants are fluent in modern retail organizations, the future of shopping, and the potential of omnichannel stores.

Experience in Multiple Projects

Cinovic stands out as a top choice for your omnichannel eCommerce software with our experience in working with leading eCommerce brands and retailers. We adopt agile methodologies for developing and delivering omnichannel strategies for clients with the full power of innovation.

Customer-Centric Collaborative Approach

Our expertise in omnichannel eCommerce strategies emerges from our commitment to address the needs of customers. We deliver a comprehensive and collaborative approach, beginning with the consultation stage to help our clients understand the strategy and complexities around the omnichannel approach.

How We Create

Achieve Success in Sync with Omnichannel Development Services

Enhance your customer insights and cultivate stronger relationships with Ecommerce CRM Integration. Tailor your strategies to provide personalized experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

Approach We Follow for

How We Develop Seamless Omnichannel eCommerce Software

We develop seamless omnichannel eCommerce software for your online store by following a strategic method. Here are the steps we follow for creating your omnichannel ecommerce solutions with the desired frameworks.

Collection of Client Requirements

Our consultants talk to you and learn about your requirements for your omnichannel strategy. We evaluate your business objectives for defining the client requirements and technical components for your omnichannel store.

Selection of Technology and Platform

Our Magento omnichannel solutions focus on choosing the ideal tools and platforms for creating your ecommerce store. We choose the best frameworks to help you achieve your desired business goals with efficiency.

Creation of a Product Information Management System

Your omnichannel online store should offer accurate visibility of information across different sales channels. We help you streamline the burden of managing product information across different channels with our trademark solution.

Single View Inventory

We tailor our omnichannel ecommerce development to ensure that you can address the challenges associated with the effective management of your inventory. We utilize intelligent order processing algorithms for better results in your store.

Omnichannel Payment Gateways

The most important step in creating the omnichannel online store involves the development of omnichannel payment reconciliation. We pay special attention to incorporating all important aspects of transaction workflows, including the overcharges.

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

We have emerged as a leading provider of omnichannel eCommerce solutions with recognition from top platforms and awards for our excellence.

Our Happy Clients

Success Stories: Voices of Our Satisfied Clients​

We believe in transparency and want to support your business throughout the journey efficiently. We already served more than 100+ businesses and are looking to associate with more!


Frequently Asked Questions​

The meaning of omnichannel focuses on selling a product on every channel. It enables customers to purchase products from a brand at any location and enables a seamless user experience.

An omnichannel experience is good only when it removes the barriers between different marketing and sales channels. For example, a customer witnesses an ad and could purchase a product directly from the place where they see it.

No, omnichannel eCommerce is not the same concept as multichannel retailing. Omnichannel focuses on selling across different channels with a focus on the customer. On the other hand, multichannel retailing focuses on selling on different channels with a focus on the product.

The omnichannel approach ensures integration between the promotion, communication, and distribution channels. It can offer a seamless shopping experience to customers alongside improving customer service and more flexibility.

You can monitor omnichannel performance by using KPIs such as brand awareness, retention rates, and conversion rates. In addition, brand advocacy also serves as an effective tool for measuring omnichannel performance.

How We Create

Upgrade Innovative Solutions For eCommerce Omnichannel Now!

Reach out to us for a broad assortment of innovative omnichannel eCommerce solutions tailored to your brand vision and long-term goals. Contact us through your preferred channels right now.